Just enough fondant to create embellishments and figures using your silicone fondant molds!

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Professional Quality Rolled Fondant, by Madame Loulou, available in a broad spectrum of colors, and ready to use straight out of the package.

Made with higher grade ingredients, like non hydrogenated palm oil and shea fats, compared to most other rolled fondants on the market, you will find that this fondant is soft and workable, right out of the package, and can be rolled as thin as you desire, to even 1/25th of an inch! That means that your guests won't scrape it off, they will actually eat it!

Colors are rich and deep, and consistent through out. Won't crack or form "elephant skin". One 15oz package can cover a round 12" x 3" cake (that's the same dimensions as a round 10" x 4" cake). If you have any extra just store it is a Ziploc bag until you are ready to use it again!

Each color of fondant has a subtle marshmallow flavor* just as if you had made it at home, but the colors won't bleed or run thanks to our proprietary manufacturing process.

Made in Italy in a gluten-free facility without the use of any GMO ingredients or hydrogenated fats.

* Our Brown fondant is now flavored with real cocoa, giving it a delicate chocolate taste that will surely compliment any chocolate-based cake that you might create!