We source our ingredients from only a trusted network of primarily Italian and European suppliers that certify them as being free of exposure to gluten. As a result, each product we manufacture consistently tests to <5PPM, the lowest possible measurement of gluten-free using commonly available testing equipment. We go to these great lengths to avoid gluten contamination because since day 1 it has been our aim to produce tasty, natural, clean label gluten-free confectionery products that could be enjoyed by people with celiac disease and their friends and families as they celebrate life's special occasions together.

For us, being gluten-free was never about following a fad. People with allergies to gluten or celiac disease deserve to enjoy the same quality options as those that can digest wheat-based baking. Since day one it has been our mission to reformulate traditional recipes without using gluten, and create them in a way where they can be easily reproduced by restaurants, caterers and home bakers to offer their guests delicious, completely natural baking products free of ingredients that many consumers prefer to avoid.

Not all traditional confectionery products contain gluten, but cross contamination is a very serious concern if you or your guests have a gluten allergy. Everything with the Madame Loulou brand is produced in our dedicated gluten-free facility and so offers the guarantee that is free of cross contamination too. 

Please note: if you are using our products to prepare a dessert for someone with celiac disease you must ensure to avoid gluten cross contamination in your own kitchen. Gluten residue can hide on surfaces or utensils even after they have been cleaned, so we strongly advise that only dedicated areas be used to prepare desserts for those with gluten allergies.